Getting access to your medication

Each province in Canada has a public health plan in place and is additionally supported by federal health programs. Depending on the province and program, this helps cover hospital services, visits to the doctor and certain medication costs.

If you have a private drug plan, you may have additional coverage for eye care, dental work and certain prescriptions. Ideally, your public and private insurance would cover the cost of all your medications, but the reality is often more complicated.

For example, if you have a drug plan, you’ve probably used it to cover an everyday prescription at the pharmacy and thought nothing more about it. But if you have been diagnosed with a condition that requires long-term treatment with a specialty medication, you may have a different experience when trying to get your insurance company to cover the costs.

Getting access to your medication

Private drug coverage can be complex because every insurance plan is different:

  • Some plans may cover certain drugs but not others when treating the same medical condition
  • Some plans may require you to meet certain criteria before you are eligible for a medication, e.g., you have to show that your previous medication was not effective

AbbVie Care is here to help

We provide reimbursement services to all our program members. Our goal is to help get the cost of your AbbVie medication covered as quickly as possible.

Our reimbursement experts maximize your public and private plans by looking at all your options for coverage, including:

  • Public and private insurance
  • Secondary plan coverage, if applicable
  • Health spending accounts, if applicable
  • Other options based on your individual circumstances

We coordinate with your insurance company and can connect with your health care team, if required. Best of all, we are happy to do all the paperwork for you!

AbbVie Care is here to help AbbVie Care is here to help

If you would like to know more about our reimbursement services, or are unsure if your insurance will cover your AbbVie medication, please contact us.