AbbVie Care: Personalized support, tailored to your needs

Starting a new medication may seem daunting at first, but AbbVie Care is here to help.

When you enroll with an AbbVie Care program, you choose the support you want from a whole range of services. And we’ll be here, not just when you’re getting started, but for as long as you need us.

AbbVie Care support programs have been designed around our three principles of support: Committed. Connected. Caring.

By offering services across these principles, and giving you the freedom to tailor your own program options, we hope to help you have the best experience possible with your AbbVie treatment.


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    to supporting you with personalized services.(+)

    • Choose how much, or how little support you would like; you decide what works best for you
    • Know that we support and coordinate your medication coverage
    • Choose pharmacy services that let you decide how you get your medication
    • We offer services to help you take your medication


    to you and your health care team.(+)

    • We keep your health care team informed about how you are doing
    • We can connect you with a range of additional services, including various educational resources
    • Rest assured, with our dedicated support team, expert help is only a phone call away


    about your support needs. (+)

    • AbbVie Care experts are there throughout your journey to help answer your questions about treatment
    • Our caring services are mindful of your support needs; from helping keep you on track with your treatment to working with your pharmacy
    • We’re here to help you learn as much about your condition as you want, and how to fit your treatment into your lifestyle
    • We listen, and adapt our services as your support needs change over time

Welcome to the AbbVie Care Support Program
Here to support you every step of the way

AbbVie Care offers personalized support services to people who are taking certain AbbVie medications.

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